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Once used as advertising to entice travelers across distant lands, travel posters have now become sought after as pieces of art.  The travel poster took off in popularity in the 1920's, but declined by the 1960's when photographic images began to be used more than graphically-designed images.  Our students designed travel posters in the tradition and spirit of the great originals.  They attract the eye by highlighting points of interest, transportation, or activities available at the destination.  They also do one very important thing -- they are beautiful to look at!

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Travel Nadya .jpg

NADYA A. ('27)

Travel Juan Daniel 2.jpg


Travel Juan Daniel 1.jpg


Travel Ely .jpg

ELY L.('27)

Travel Sophie .jpg

SOPHIE G.('25)

Travel Santiago M .jpeg


Travel Alise .jpg

ALISE K. ('26)

Travel Juanfra .jpg

JUANFRA G. ('25)

Travel Santiago F .jpeg

SANTI F.('27)

Travel Jake M .jpeg

JAKE M.('25)

Travel 2 Tommy T .jpeg

TOMMY T. ('26)

Travel Henry H .jpeg

HENRY H. ('26)

 Travel 1 Tommy T .jpeg

TOMMY T. ('26)

Travel Naruki Y Poster 2.jpeg

NARUKI Y. ('25)

Travel Alfonso L .jpeg

ALFONSO L. ('27)

Travel Hanna M .jpeg

HANNA M. ('27)

Travel Eitan K .jpeg

EITAN K. ('26)

Travel Naruki Y .jpeg

NARUKI Y. ('25)

Travel Hanna M 2.jpeg

HANNA M. ('27)

Travel Luca P .jpeg

LUCA P. ('26)

Travel Greg K 2.jpeg

GREG K. ('25)

Travel Dimarco B.jpeg

DIMARCO B. ('26)

Travel Greg K .jpeg

GREG K. ('25)

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