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Postcards have been used since 1861. People often send postcards from vacation or use local postcards as greeting cards. Postcards can be used to show someone how nice of a time you are having on your vacation and highlight some of the main attractions from the location that is visited. Digital Design 1 students chose a favorite travel spot and used Adobe Photoshop to showcase popular attractions from that location by using the clipping mask and incorporating images in the text.

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Postcard CarmenK.jpeg

CARMEN K. ('26)


JAKE M. ('25)

Postcard Miguel .jpg

MIGUEL DM. ('26)

Postcard Alise .jpeg

ALISE K. ('26)


SANTI M. ('27)

Postcard JoeR.jpeg

JOE R. ('25)


RONIN R. ('25)

Postcard Ely .jpeg

ELY L. ('27)


NICO E. ('26)


HANNA M. ('27)

POstcard Sienna M.jpeg

SIENNA M. ('26)

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