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Broadcasting 1

Broadcasting 1 is a course designed to impart the foundational principles of television production and broadcast journalism. Throughout the duration of the course, students engage in practical, hands-on learning experiences, crafting individualized productions under guided instruction. Emphasis is placed on mastering the operation of studio equipment, capturing precise footage, proficient editing techniques, and methodically assembling narratives. Each project undertaken serves as a platform for honing specific skill sets relevant to the field of broadcasting.

Click here to see examples of some of their work. 


Broadcasting 2 

Broadcasting 2 represents a production-oriented course, wherein students undertake the creation of two prominent programs: "The Daily Show," an announcement showcase, and "Beyond the G," a magazine-style presentation, throughout the academic year. The dedicated efforts of the students culminate in the submission of their productions to esteemed state and national competitions, while also being showcased daily to the broader community during designated community periods. Their work brings a unique perspective to the student body, allowing their voices to be heard and amplified. 

Click here to see examples of some of their work. 

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RSN Team 

For the first time in program history, a team was created to compete nationally at the Student Television Network event in California. Engaging in the adrenaline-fueled Crazy 8 Competition, they successfully crafted an 8-minute show within a mere 8-hour timeframe. Additionally, they showcased their talents at the state level during the Florida Scholastic Press Association competition in Orlando.

Click here to see examples of some of their work. 

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